5 Methods to Make Mining Sustainable

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The long-term mining process doesn’t remember enough people’s efforts to study nature because of mining. There are many illustrations of the unfavorable consequences of not carrying out the prolonged mining method carefully. Various natural disasters strike until various diseases infect the community near the mine site.

Things like this would be a bad sight for the industry and the country. It is time for the authorities to make clearer provisions that the mining industry must comply with. Because, the case of the state is not only to increase wealth through mining products, but the safety and health of the citizens are not compromised.

Solutions for Sustainable Mining

1. Low Risk Mining

Old or conventional mining methods, such as open pit mining and subgrade mining actually have a rather unfavorable effect on the area. It turns out that using the old procedure, you can use replacement mining which is a little risky. This effort can help reduce obstacles in the mine site terrain, reduce the risk of abrasion to the soil, and move less material for backfill. This long-term mining method helps the ability to revegetate plants.

2. Reusing Mine Manure

Post-mining, the area is certainly affected by various pollutions to various other acute natural conditions. In fact, some parts can be reused to restore the mined nature to its original state. Illustration, mine manure in the form of rock can be used as a soil fork to prevent soil abrasion.

Sewage can also be reused as a source of water for agriculture, plantations, and the like through various methods by related industries. There is no non-reusable mine waste, including tailings whose composition can produce toxins. Prolonged mining can create new businesses, such as coal and paint.

3. Eco-friendly Equipment

The next effort to protect the area is to use environmentally friendly equipment. For example, diesel engines are replaced with electric engines to reduce the carbonium dioxide content of mining products so that the levels are balanced with acids. When industry uses more powerful equipment.

To have the opportunity to change equipment very often can also be suppressed. If so, the industry is more efficient and does not waste a lot of large or small materials into nature during and after the mining process.

4. Mining Land Rehabilitation

If you are not wise when digging, the industry can cause disasters such as post-mining abrasion that occur over a long period of time at the mine site. This matter cannot be handled because there are procedures for giving biosolids so that plants can grow again.

Some of Australia’s mining industries are already practicing this system in an effort to protect the balance of nature. Remembering that Indonesia is a fertile ground for long-term mining activities, hopefully all industries will follow this good trail.

5. Eradicate Illegal Mining

Finally, a method of protecting the area and the lives of local residents is to play a clear role in underground mining. In this case, there must be an active position of authority to make decisions that are not only philosophical, but also have clear rewards.

Indonesia is not one of the countries that is in an uproar by underhand mining, Africa is the same way. There have been many illustrations of the occurrence of disasters that have resulted in enormous losses due to underground mining.

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