Regions in Indonesia that contain a lot of gold

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Not only is it known as a country that is full of customs and traditions, Indonesia is also a country that is full of mining minerals, especially gold. Mines in Indonesia are one of the largest gold donors on earth. Currently, there are many large gold mines scattered in Indonesia.

The very large gold mine in Indonesia is the Grasberg mine located in Papua. The amount of gold contained in this mine is said to be the largest supply of gold on earth. Every day, Grasberg is able to produce 6,065 tons of Kencana seeds.

Great Kencana Mine Area in Indonesia

It’s not just Papua who wants to fill a lot of gold. Some other areas in Indonesia also want to fill a lot of gold, indicated by the presence of a large gold mine there. Furthermore, some of the major gold mines in Indonesia are not only Grasberg in Papua:

1. Green Stone Kencana Mine

This mine is located on the island of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara and is currently regulated by PT. Amman Minerals Nusa Tenggara. In one year, the Batu Hijau mine is able to produce 100 kilo Oz Kencana and 197 million lbs copper. The mine is registered to have produced 2.77 million ounces or nearly 79 tonnes of gold since it opened in 2000.

2. Martabe Kencana Mine

The Martabe gold mine is located in South Tapanuli, North Sumatra. Not only gold, silver and copper are also found there. By the end of 2017, the Martabe gold mine had produced 8.8 million ounces of gold and 72 million ounces of silver. Not only that, this area also has a stock of gold that has grown, from 3.2 million ounces to 4.7 million ounces of gold in the same year.

PT. Agincourt Resources is the company that holds the license for research and processing of gold in Martabe. This industry is the Indonesian mining industry that has the policy to support local efforts so that in purchasing goods and services it is more preferable to agents and contractors located from within the country.

Although the management of the gold mine was tried by the industry, PT. Agincourt Resources, the regional authority currently has a share, namely the ownership of 5% shares by BUMD owned by the regional authority, namely PT. ANA. The gold content found in Martabe can be classified as a fairly large gold deposit.

3. Pongkor Golden Mine

The Pongkor gold mine is located in the Pongkor area, West Java. For some bases, this mine has a large gold content, but exploration is currently being hindered due to clashes between savage miners and the legal managers of the Pongkor mine. Even so, the Pongkor Mine is still active and continues to work until now with the production of gold that does not change every year.

4. 7 Hills Kencana Mine

The 7 Busut gold mine or commonly known as Riding Pitu is a gold mine located in Banyuwangi, East Java. Regulated by PT Alam Suksesindo (BSI), this mine has been in operation since 2016. In this mining position, it is estimated that there are 28 million ounces of gold or close to 80 tons of gold.

5. Gosowong Kencana Mine

This gold mine is located in Halmahera, Maluku islands. Since opening in 1997, the Gosowong gold mine has been regulated by the State Owned Enterprise (BUMN), PT Various Tambang. Listed so far the number of gold that has been successfully produced is 20 million ounces of golden grains or close to 57 tons of gold.

6. Kencana Kencana Mine

This gold mine is located in North Maluku. Activities in this mine are considered very risky from the gold mines in other locations because of the position of the mines which are located deep in the bowels of nature. Since its early opening until now, the gold gold mine has succeeded in producing 4.63 million ounces of real gold or close to 13 tons of real gold.

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